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11 best tailors for Bespoke and Made To Measure suits in Sydney

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Bespoke is one of the most misused terms in mens wear. It is often interchangeably used with Made To Measure (MTM) however the two are very different. Made To Measure is a good entry point into tailored suits from off the rack. It is a suit that is made from an existing pattern which is altered based on the wearer’s measurements. The pattern isn’t created from scratch but rather collected, adjusted and altered to fit the measurements of the wearer. A MTM experience offers the wearer a good deal of control in terms of measurements and can be great at achieving a good fit. MTM is a much shorter process (1-2 fittings) compared to bespoke and is considerably less expensive.

Bespoke on the other hand is the Rolls Royce of suits. It is 100% custom, as a new pattern is created for each individual wearer. No modification or use of base patterns like for MTM, as that could lead the tailor to miss some of the small nuances of the wearer’s body. More than just measurements are needed to achieve this (what is the slope of the shoulder, the arch of the back, etc). Bespoke is a more expensive option and is much more involved (4-5 fittings) compared to MTM however it provides the ultimate perfect fit as the pattern and suit is made 100% for the wearer.

Finding the right tailor can be daunting and is an important step in getting a bespoke or MTM suit. It is very personal as multiple fittings and discussions about fit need to happen in order for the tailor to create the perfect suit for you. Here are the 10 best tailors for bespoke and Made To Measure suits in Sydney:

1. G.A Zink & Sons – 56 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW (02) 9331 3675

zink and sons

G.A. Zink & Sons Bespoke Tailoring has stood the test of time as one of the oldest tailors in Sydney. They have been dressing gentlemen since 1895 and is now run by 6th generation tailors. Inspired by Saville Row, G.A. Zink & Sons specialise in English cut tailoring and has been in the same location for over 100 year. They have recently launched a new campaign featuring Bondi hipsters with beards, tattoos and all in an attempt to attract a younger clientele.

2. Zimma Tailors – No.3, Palings Lane, 330 George St, Sydney NSW (02) 8065 2726

zimma tailors

Launched in 2011, Zimma Tailors, run by Roger Shamoun are the new kids on the block, located in the prestigious Palings Lane in the Ivy Precinct. Zimma Tailors offers full bespoke suit tailoring with an average of 90 hours and 4 fittings to create the perfect fit for their customers. The window displays can’t be described as anything but dapper, with rainbow hounds tooth pocket squares and hand-knitted Boutonnieres.

3. P. Johnson – 46 Liverpool Street, Paddington, Sydney NSW (02) 9966 7548

p johnson

P. Johnson run by Patrick Johnson specialise in lightweight tailoring and effortless suits. Their suits are lightweight and sportive, supple and luxurious. They believe in a certain softness, flex and freshness in the clothes. Their campaigns are always lighthearted and playful with different themes. The first one, titled “Cartoons” had cartoon men dressed in P. Johnson suits, their second campaign, named “Masks” had men with masks dressed in their suits, the third, titled “Fantasy Coffins” had men with their faces covered and quirky coffins next to them. Their latest campaign titled “Menswear” features two female models sporting the P. Johnson suits.

4. J.H Cutler – 6/12-14 O’Connell St, Sydney NSW (02) 9232 7122

jh cutler

Established in 1884, with over 130 years experience in this business J.H Cutler, like G.A. Zink and Sons are from another time. Currently run by 4th generation tailors who have assiduously maintained the exacting standards, the quality, the cut, the style and the fit that has made the J.H Cutler name synonymous with exclusive clothing.

Over the years, leading identities from Federal and State politics, country families, business, the law, medicine, diplomacy and the world of entertainment and sport  have enjoyed the benefits of J.H Cutler tailoring skills based on the great traditions of England’s Savile Row, the home of bespoke tailoring.

5. Bespoke Bijan – 6 O’Connell St, Sydney NSW (02) 9232 3382


Bijan Sheikhlary is Savile Row-trained tailor that is a master of bespoke. Born in Iran,Bijan worked on Savile Row before coming to Australia in 1980. Since 1983, he has operated a bespoke tailoring service in Sydney and teaches at the University of Technology.

6. Rochefort – 185 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW (02) 9264 4408


Shane Rochefort, a textile designer by trade, began designing silks and neckties in 1998. He established Rochefort, the gentlemen’s outfitter in 2001 in the heritage St James Trust Building in Elizabeth Street, Sydney where they are still today. Shane combines his design skills with his application to learning and applying tailoring for the complete gentlemen’s outfitter’s bespoke experience.

7. Satorial Bay Tailors – 143 Willoughby Rd, Naremburn, NSW (02) 9460 9165

Sartorial Bay

“Dress bad and they’ll remember the clothes, dress well and they’ll remember the man”

Sartorial Bay specialises in lightweight tailoring by providing bespoke tailored men’s suits and shirts. Headed by acclaimed men’s tailor Massimo Guglielmi, with over a decade of international experience dressing thousands of high profile gentlemen. Trained by some of the best Savile Row and Italian tailors this Massimo definitely know the art of men’s tailoring!

8. Herman Bros & Co – 42 Railway Parade Burwood NSW (02) 9746 8498

hermanbros and co

Situated in the bustling Inner West in Burwoon, Herman Bros & Co, was founded in 2013 offering full bespoke tailor made suits. The foundation of their suiting is in the creation of a unique “model pattern” for each suit and each customer. They take a blank piece of paper and look at your physical body measurements to create the perfect fit.

9. The Suit Shop – The Strand Arcade, 412 – 414 George St. Sydney NSW, 0488 994 599


Life is too short for a poorly fitting suit. – The Suit Shop

The Suit Shop is strictly Made To Measure and offer tailored suits at an affordable price starting from $AU750 with most gentlemen spending sub $AU1000. They offer in-person service in their two locations, Sydney and Melbourne as well as offering a travelling tailor service where one of their tailors will come to the customer’s location to take measurements. Each tailor at The Suit Shop undergo a training course held by none other than Patrick Johnson from P. Johnson himself.

10. Montagio – The Dymocks Building, 2/428 George St, Sydney NSW (02) 9045 0508


Montagio is another affordable Made To Measure outfitter located in the heart of Sydney city in the beautiful Dymocks Building. Their tailor made suits start at a modest $AU599 ranging up to $AU2500+ depending on the fabric and customisations. Their suits are made in Thailand with their own staff on the ground ensuring strong quality control.

11. Oscar Hunt Tailors – Level 2/73 York Street, Sydney (02) 8097 2470


Oscar Hunt Tailors have been going strong in Melbourne for over 5 years and have recently decided to spread it’s wings and enter the Sydney market by opening a brand new Sydney showroom right in the heart of Sydney. They offer quality made to measure suits using fabrics from leading cloth-makers such as Dormeuil, Huddersfield Cloth, Ariston and Solbiatil. They focus on the full Oscar Hunt experience with their suits ranging from $895 up to $2500+ for the Dormeuil collection.

A Made to Measure suits and even more so a bespoke suit is truly a work of art that is the pinnacle of detail, fit and construction. They provide the wearer with unlimited customisation options to allow their personality to shine through. We’d love to hear your experiences with the above bespoke tailors or tailors that we have missed from this list.

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