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Stay comfortable this autumn with the Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool: Review

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Over the past few weeks we’ve seen and felt a change in the weather from scorching summer heat to cooler temperatures as we enter these transition months between Summer and Winter. Today we review the perfect companion for this unpredictable weather, the new Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool. Before we dig straight into the features, pros and cons of this gadget, let’s go through exactly what it is.

dyson am09 hot+cool fan

The Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool is the most advanced four seasons fan on the market right now. It’s Dyson’s latest product in it’s series of bladeless fans, featuring both heater (hot) and fan (cool) settings making it very versatile. It’s a motorised, heating and cooling device that sucks air through a tiny aperture and accelerates it forward by using something called the coandă effect similar to a jet’s turbofan. Dyson markets their fans as up to 75% quieter – “Some fans are quiet and weak. Others are powerful but noisy. Dyson fans quiet and powerful”.  The Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool is said to offer fast even room heating and powerful cooling – Now with Jet Focus Control.

Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool

The Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool is relatively light and comes in a rectangle box. It’s packaged very snug with a lot of protection and is easy to unbox. The box contain three components, a remote control, the stand and the fan itself. Instantly you’ll notice the amazing design and aesthetics of the fan. It is meticulously designed and is incredibly beautiful. It is leaps and bounds more pleasing to look at then it’s traditional blade counterparts and adds to the design of a room. The product comes in four colours, each as beautiful as the other. We received the black/nickel, which in my opinion is the most sleek out of them all.

Once out of the box the fan is very easy to set up and only took us a couple of minutes to assemble. We placed the fan on top of the stand and simply twisted it into place. That’s it (who needs the instruction manual). The remote control is easy enough to decipher with self explanatory buttons and attaches to the top of the fan by magnets to keep it from getting lost. At this point, you realise that Dyson has created a superior market leading product that not only outperforms other fans but also is a pleasure to use.

Using the remote, the Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool can be controlled and programmed to turn on, off, swivel, blow cool air, blow warm air, personal mode or diffused mode. The fan is able to blow cool air with 10 settings.We found it incredibly quiet set at anything under 5, getting louder up to 10. It’s not as loud as other fans but still noticeable. Using the warm setting you are able to set a desired room temperature and the fan will heat the room up until that temperature is reached.

The Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool is great for just yourself and for all your friends. It has a personal mode which is a focused flow of hot or cool air, as well as a diffused mode which is a wide projection to mix the air in the room. We tried it on both settings, and can appreciate the use of each setting at different times. Personal mode allows you to actually feel the cool or hot air as it blows onto you while the diffused flow is less about instant impact and more about bringing down or increasing the average temperature of the room. It also has a tilt feature allowing you pivot the fan up or down changing the direction of the air flow.

dyson am09 diffused

The Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool won’t replace central heating or air conditioning (and it’s not designed to), but warming up a room on a cold day/night or cooling down a room on a Summer’s day takes only a couple of minutes.

The Dyson AM09 Hot+C00l is an amazing product with a premium price tag to match. It retails for $699 making it one of the more expensive fans on the market.

If you’re looking for a heater and fan with turbo jet technology than this is the product for you! Thank you Mr Dyson for this innovative product.

The Rare Gent Verdict

The Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool is one of the most advanced fans on the market combining aesthetics and function. It is very effective as both a heater and cooling fan with features that are both thoughtful and useful. Like all Dyson products, design is a big differentiator. It looks amazing and becomes a talking point in any room. It is pricey, but no one expected it to be cheap.

I’d say if you’re looking for something that delivers great performance, is family friendly, looks great and you’re happy to spend the extra money then go for it – you won’t be disappointed!

Check out the Dyson site for more information.

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