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High quality affordable made to measure suits for the modern man

Online tailors have taken the men’s fashion industry by storm with Indochino leading the trend. The concept is rather counter intuitive, “DYI made to measure suits”, however Indochino have filled a perfect niche which has fuelled their incredible growth and success. Indochino is a contemporary take of the made to measure suit which takes the experience away from old school tailoring. Instead of focusing on Saville Row traditions, English wool mills, thread counts and perfect fit, Indochino focuses on fun patterns, affordable prices and comfort. Indochino is made to measure for the masses. They focus on individuality and customisation over nit picking at centimeters.

Indochino began in 2007 and in 10 years they have grown from being a purely online play to being truly multi-channel, allowing customers to purchase online, via mobile or in person from one of their Indochino showrooms in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Beverly Hills and Boston.



I was fortunate enough to go through the Indochino experience which started with me receiving an Indochino tailors kit and ending with me receiving a completely custom, made to measure suit without leaving the comfort of my home. I began the process by ordering the tailors kit which is a showcase of different swatches and more importantly a tailor’s measuring tape. When ordering the tailor’s kit you get to choose 16 different suit or shirt fabrics. The tailor’s kit is a good first step as it gives you a way to physical feel the fabric and look at the colours and patterns. You can get the Indochino tailor’s kit here


I gave my wife the measuring tape who began taking a series of measurements all assisted by the helpful Indochino measurement videos. I definitely recommend watching these videos and following their instructions in order to get the correct measurements. This process to be honest can be a little tedious and time consuming. It can take some time getting all these measurements right and ensuring you are comfortable with the numbers you’re submitting. This process took about 45 minutes.

Once you’ve entered all your measurements on the site, you then begin choosing your suit and customising it. There is a huge amount of choice of colours, patterns, fabrics and styles ranging from your typical charcoal or navy wool work suit to casual sand coloured linen suits. I settle on an indigo plaid twill suit, 100% wool, 275 gsm and super 110s. Suits range from $499 to $789 for the premium range however I would recommend signing up to their newsletter as they constantly run promotions and various campaigns.

After selecting the suit, you then enter the world of made to measure personalisation and customisation. This is in my opinion the most enjoyable part as you begin imagine yourself wearing the suit with the different customisation options such as cuffed pants, flap pockets, embroidery, lining, different types of lapels, number of openings at the back, and even collar fabric. Customisation is where Indochino shines. You really are making a 1 of 1 suit designed by you for you. This customisation experience is very unique and thoroughly enjoyable.

A few weeks after the order was put through I receive my new Indochino suit in the mail. I open the beautiful flat packaging with great excitement. I see the beautiful indigo plaid fabric and run my finger over it. The fabric is soft and luxurious. The quality feels great and the pattern is exactly what I was expecting.



I put on the trousers and the jacket however unfortunately both don’t fit very well. The jacket length is about an inch too short and the sleeves are slightly long. The shoulders and chest area fit well. The trousers are perfect length however the waist is about 2 inches too big. I email Indochino explaining the issues and they put me in touch wiht one of their customer success managers, Jordan. He talks me through the process of sending him photos of me wearing the suit, highlighting the areas which didn’t fit. He replied promptly and told me that they would remake the jacket and that I could alter the pants at my local tailor which they would reimburse up to $75.

Here are some photos of Indochino’s first delivery with suit needing a few alterations.

IMG_5501 IMG_5508IMG_5507

I went to my local tailor to get the trousers altered which was easy enough. The reimbursement process was simple and fast which I was happy about. I had to wait another couple of weeks for my remake jacket. It came in the same packaging and I was again excited to see how it would fit, hoping that it would be right this time. I put the jacket on and could instantly see they had added the additional length. The jacket fit well.

(Photos coming shortly)

Overall the Indochino experience was very enjoyable and highly recommended. I was very happy with the quality of the suit and after a few alterations the suit fit well. I would say Indochino is the perfect option for affordable fun and stylish made to measure suits. Indochino is the millennial’s answer to Saville Row.

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