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The Oscar Hunt Experience

Oscar Hunt Syd Showroom

The Oscar Hunt experience is for a gent who is looking for an uncompromised made to measure experience

Right in the middle of Sydney city on York St, hidden away above street level is the Oscar Hunt showrooms. The discreet entrance is juxtaposed by the natural light filled showroom exuding luxury, quality and exquisite taste. This is a place where only the finest is accepted.

I am greeted by founder and managing director Chris who offers me a drink from their new bar and a seat next to a marble table neatly covered in fabric swatches of all types and colours. We talk candidly about Oscar Hunt, their new Sydney showroom, their made to measure process before diving into fabrics and suit styles.


On this occasion I am looking for a slim fit double breasted suit in a window pane pattern. We go through different fabrics discussing the pros and cons of wool, silk and different blends as well as the different fabrics from different mills, UK Huddersfield and the premium Dormeuil range. We go through the swatches discussing the history of the different mills before settling on a beautiful navy blue window pane Dormeuil 100% wool fabric from the Dormeuil Krono range.


Here’s a description of the Krono fabric from the Dormeuil site:

“Krono is a completely new type of suiting, created by Dormeuil to give both cutting edge effectiveness and elegant style. This pure wool fabric is made in England. It represents a new classic, cast in a modern idiom. It has superb stretch qualities which make it a comfortable and elegant choice. Compact yarn in the warp gives Krono its ultra-modern appearance. It performs very well, carefully formulated to respond to the exigent demands of today’s living. The fashionable designs include colours from dark to mid grey, blue and navy, in plains and subtle stripes with a depth of tone.”

We then move on to styling and customisation options. I ask for a double breasted with 6 buttons and a wide peaked lapel. We discuss further customisation options before finishing my drink and booking in another time to come in to get myself measured.

A week later I return to the elegant Oscar Hunt showroom to be greeted by Chris who introduces me to Steve, the general manager of the Sydney Oscar Hunt showroom. He is dressed in a classic elegant form fitting double breasted with well worn in Loakes brogues. We sit down and go through the double breasted option I selected previous and he begins taking measurements from head to toe. Being a “non-standard” size we talk a lot about how I’d like the suit to sit concentrating on the wrap of the double breasted jacket. After about 30 minutes of measurements and selecting different customisation options from lining colour, embroidery options, pocket styles to trouser styles they then send my order to Shanghai where the suit will get made.

Three weeks later I return to the Oscar Hunt showrooms excited to see my beautiful navy window pane double breasted suit. Steve greets me at the door again and brings in the tailored suit for fitting after offering me a drink of course.

I put on the suit and the trousers are perfect. The fit around the waist is flawless. I opted for a little bit of a high waisted option and really liked how they sat on my hips. The jacket fits perfect around the shoulder and belly with a bit of room in the chest area as the double breasted jacket wrapped around me. Steve took a step back and and analysed the fit thoroughly. I can see he wasn’t completely happy with how the jacked wrapped around me and didn’t like the extra room I had in the chest area. The fabric felt very luxurious and gave me a lot of confidence as I stood there in front of the mirror. Overall I was pretty happy with the fit of both the trousers and jacket however I could see Steve was not happy with the fit.

Steve decided to re-make the jacket from scratch to get the perfect fit and let me take the current jacket home in the meantime until the next one was re-made. This came as a bit of a surprise to me but I could really see that they took their 100% perfect fit policy seriously and wanted to get the jacket 100% right for me. I really appreciated that and it meant a lot to me that Steve valued the Oscar Hunt perfect fit so highly.

A couple of weeks later I returned to pick up the second jacket which really did have a perfect fit. I could not fault it at all. Steve was also really happy with the fit.

The Oscar Hunt experience was very enjoyable and the pride of their work and craftsmanship really shone through. I love wearing my new navy window pane double breasted suit.

Overall the Oscar Hunt experience is for a gent who is looking for an uncompromised made to measure experience. They are a little expensive but you’ll get a perfect fit, quality workmanship, an amazing experience, choice of some of the finest fabrics and almost unlimited customisations. I would highly recommend the Oscar Hunt experience and made to measure suits for the gent who is looking for the best that made to measure has to offer.

I’d love to hear about experience you’ve had with Oscar Hunt. Below are more photos of the Sydney showroom.




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